Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surprise bloom bud

It almost escaped my notice! Hiding behind the leaf of another plant, there it was-- a new bloom bud on my Night Blooming Cereus.

I will have to watch it closely to be sure I don't miss it when it blooms one night at about 9pm.

Another picture of the Bougainvilla that is out of this world beautiful:

We took a stroll down in the serious garden (Ed's) and found a bountiful crop of luscious blackberries getting ready for picking. Just had to taste one!

White Grapes!
The green bean rows--still producing (Peach trees inbetween)


  1. The white grapes look like they may hold some promise of a tasty, fruity Chardonnay.
    Hmmmm! Let met know when its time to uncork. . .

  2. My goodness! We could live off the land at ya'lls place!:-)

  3. Jamie & Randy, you should drop by when you get down this way.