Saturday, June 20, 2009

Out of pocket

Sorry folks! I've been in the hospital a couple of days. That's how it goes with a fellow in a wheelchair. From time to time, you get problems. This was the first time in years! I had gastro-intestinal problems-- thought I was having appendicitis.

When I got home, the yard was full of beautiful blooms. Purple headed phlox, daylilies, begonias and many others. Here are a few pictures:

Epiphillium Oxypetalum "Night Blooming Cactus" has 17 bloom buds!

The Fernery- Birdsnest fern, Japanese Painted fern, Sago emerging on the right, "magic flower" (an unknown) blooming in the center
White Hydrangea "Limelight"
Yellow daylily (no name)


Pink Angel Trumpet
Cast Iron Lilies, Hosta and Caladiums
Here is a spectacle. I was once told that after an orchid blooms, to cut the bloom stalk off, put it into water and it would grow a new flower. I tried it, and here it is!

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