Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apple Blossom
on a dreary day

Bromeliad "Aechmea Nudiculis"

Bromeliad "Bilbergia"
Rosalinda Hawthorne

Iris Cristata - I ordered from Sunshine Farm & Gardens and received 3 a few weeks ago and they are blooming! I love these little gems that only grow about 5"-10" tall. A little epsom salt on the ground around them makes the color more vivid. Barry at Sunshine F&G says he has the white ones also. You know I'll have to have some!
Varigated Camellia - unknown name

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stormy Weather

More stormy weather last night! I said to Ed, "I think we're having a tornado," but it didn't escalate to damage other than lots of debris all over the yard. I had not listened to any news and my brother called to say he heard over the news that Chickasaw had a tornado. So I was right!

We spent the day cleaning up the yard! Later, I planted some seedling hollyhocks. Ed spent a lot of the day working on a neighbor's lawnmower.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planting & Running (van) again

My van is back in shape. Ed has fixed the door problem. Thank Heavens for Ed!

I've been planting Salvia, as I always do in the "front of the house bed" and in the back bed along the driveway. Later, after the Garden Club plant sale April 3-4, I will add white vinca along the borders of the flower beds.

My new Hosta "Paradigm" arrived and is growing fast. It is up by 7 inches in one week. This is a very large leaf hosta with a dark red rim. I've also ordered "Sum & Substance" which is a large leaf hosta- a bright chartreuse green.

Liquid fertilizer has been watered on the hosta bed, all the newbie plants, and ferns.

All of the poinsettias have been cut back and cuttings planted to grow new ones.
Saturday, I spent the day moving some of the plants out of the greenhouse and cleaning it up.
There are several bloom buds on the cactus that blooms big red flowers and the cattelya orchid has two groups of 3 flowers each. The cane orchids have flower spikes reaching up with buds on top. Amyrillis are getting ready to flower.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sad Day

Today was a sad day. We lost our neighbor Bart Harris. He had been in bad health for many years.

Ed has my van ramp door disassembled. It had been giving me a bad time. He found the problem...it was a weld spot at the end of the roller track that had come loose. A trip to a weld shop for repair and now to re-install the assembly. I've been unable to go anywhere for several days and I'll be glad to have that freedom again.

Seeds are sprouting all over the flower beds. Marigolds are up about 2-3 inches and zinnias are up about 1 inch. Come on sunshine!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, here am another year older today! It's great to be here!!
I received cards from several friends- Bobbie Lou, Brenda, Nicole, Mary Edna, Doris & Al. Thank you dear friends!

I made up a little poem and sent it to all

Some say I am confined to wheelchair
But I don’t think they know
That though my body is affected
I still am on the go.
I go to visit those I love
And walk to market place;
I tread the woods until it rains
And then the rainbow trace.
Of course my body cannot always go
For it’s been restricted for days,
But who would say paralysis confines
A soul and mind that dreams and prays?
Although my body sometimes lets me down
Through days of darkest night,
My spirit soars on wings of prayer
And moves with speed of light.
In dreams and prayer I visit those I love;
Great is the gift of prayer;
And when my thoughts are beamed toward you
You’ll sense my presence there.


I love this time of year when the Azaleas are in bloom. My neighbors have large bushes that have grown without being trimmed and constrained. To my eye those are the most beautiful.

Happy Spring to all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My little iris

I'm soooo excited! I was just cruising around looking at the lily bed and happened to notice new growth on the Iris Verna (a native iris) under the pine tree. Went to take a closer look and found that it is a flower bud! Yeaaaaa! I'm so happy. It's the first I've had to bloom here at 115 Alpine.

Last night I started to go to the City Council meeting and Ed went to check if my battery was working okay, since it had been acting up the last few times I tried to start the van. He closed the door to see if it was working okay and (oops!) it wouldn't open again. He tried everything. Then he tore into the electric opener and eventually took the ramp off. It looked bad. He worked on it late into the evening and all day today. Finally, at about 4:30 he got it back together and, so far, it is working again. He refuses to be whipped by these things. I think he can do anything! For sure, he knows everything about the ramp door on my van now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mulching & Planting

Ed has been mulching the flower beds with his ground leaves. It's so very important to retain moisture in the beds when the weather starts to get warm.
I've planted Zinnias in the beds for summer color. Planted more bedding plants in pots and placed in the greenhouse for germination.
Getting prepared for the Garden Tour in May.
The wind just won't quit!!

Two days ago, I dug all the narcissus and spread them to dry off. I have too many to replant them all. If anyone wants some, just let me know.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Regarding the "North America Union"

I am very distressed over this "North America Union" issue. If you haven't kept up with it, please check out some of the youtube videos regarding this. Here is one..