Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My little iris

I'm soooo excited! I was just cruising around looking at the lily bed and happened to notice new growth on the Iris Verna (a native iris) under the pine tree. Went to take a closer look and found that it is a flower bud! Yeaaaaa! I'm so happy. It's the first I've had to bloom here at 115 Alpine.

Last night I started to go to the City Council meeting and Ed went to check if my battery was working okay, since it had been acting up the last few times I tried to start the van. He closed the door to see if it was working okay and (oops!) it wouldn't open again. He tried everything. Then he tore into the electric opener and eventually took the ramp off. It looked bad. He worked on it late into the evening and all day today. Finally, at about 4:30 he got it back together and, so far, it is working again. He refuses to be whipped by these things. I think he can do anything! For sure, he knows everything about the ramp door on my van now.

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