Saturday, March 28, 2009

Stormy Weather

More stormy weather last night! I said to Ed, "I think we're having a tornado," but it didn't escalate to damage other than lots of debris all over the yard. I had not listened to any news and my brother called to say he heard over the news that Chickasaw had a tornado. So I was right!

We spent the day cleaning up the yard! Later, I planted some seedling hollyhocks. Ed spent a lot of the day working on a neighbor's lawnmower.


  1. That was some bad weather! I spent Sunday cleaning up. Glad ya'll didn't have too much damage. I have planted some hollyhock also. I love them...lets hope they love me. Keep me updated on how yours are doing

  2. That was a horrible storm we had this past weekend. Today will be stormy too and Thur. Maybe then we can have a few dry days. I need to dry out. My plants are floating.

  3. Another rain storm today (Mar 31) and my yard looks like a pond! It can't absorb any more water.