Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time to Rose

Things to do in February:

Time to prune, clean up your rose beds, apply organics, and start a spray program.

Organics to consider to replenish the beds are:

4-5 cups well-composted manure
2 cups cottonseed meal
3-4 cups alfalfa meal or pellets
1-2 cups Milorganite
1-2 cups fish meal
Any combination or all of them will give your garden a kick start. Be sure to water well after applying.
Apply Epsom Salt once a month during blooming season, starting April.
Renew your mulch around the roses. Oak leaves are good. Mulch them, if you can, with a mower.
Be sure to spray with a fungicide after you prune and resolve to stick to a spray program this year.


Well, the best laid plans of mice and men...
Got myself all dressed up for going to church. Got in the car, turned the key, and click??? Nothing. Yesterday I got in the car to go water the plants at the church and after putting the key in the ignition, I looked in the tray to be sure the church key was there. It wasn't. I went looking for the key all over the house and never did find it, so I canceled going. However, I forgot to go back and removed the car key from the ignition. Thus the dead battery. (I did finally find the key in a jacket.)

In my "dressed up" clothes, I went to open the green house door for ventilation and the next thing I knew, I was busy applying bone meal to the irises and lilies.~~~~~

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  1. Thanks for the rose gardening tips. We always prune on Lincolns' birthday. We'll use your advise to keep us on track this year.