Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daffodils for the Gulf Coast Gardener

To quote Sara Van Beck (Old House Gardens): The best daffodils for the Gulf Coast gardener are: Campernelle, Carlton, Erlicheer, N. jonquilla Early Louisiana, Sweetness, Texas Star (N. x intemedius), Thalia, and Trevithian.
Tips for planting in Zones 8 & 9:
Don't pre-chill your bulbs.
Plant October-December, spaced aprt three times the bulb's width.
Deep planting (6-8") provides a more even soil temperature.
Mulch with chopped leaves, pine straw or mini pine-bark nuggets.
Location needs full sun through mid-March and summer shade (for cooler soil).
Water from October 1-April 1. Daffodils require fall winter-spring watering; drought causes poor blooming. Sumer watering and fertilizer will rot daffodil bulbs.
No herbicides. No slow-release fertilizers.
Daffodils are not fertilizer dependent, but love potash, and prefer a neutral soil pH. Apply bone meal in the fall and right after blooming.
Don't plant next to heavy feeders such as roses and daylilies.

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