Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few good days

Although very windy, the last couple of days have been warm enough to work in the yard. I have cleaned flower beds and planted flowers.
Today my order arrived from Sunshine Gardens in West Virginia. They offered 7 plants of Iris Cristata for $35 including shipping. I just had to have them. I planted those in two-three places to see where they will grow best. I have a patch of "native" iris that were found at my friend's place --the "Alabama Treasure Forest" so I divided those and planted some in various places to see where they will grow best, as well. I hope they will soon bloom so that I can identify them.
As I sit here, the owls are "cutting up" in the trees behind the house near the Chickasabogue. They start late in the afternoon. I suppose they are mating at this time of the year.

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