Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bye, bye Dogwood

Ed got out his chainsaw today and cut down a dogwood tree. Ugh! I hate losing a dogwood tree! However, this one was in a bad place and didn't look so good anyway. He has to build a fence where it stands.
Our neighbor, who has been away for a long while, returned with her dog. The dog is stupid and she doesn't try to train it. Every time we go into the area of my greenhouse which is close to their fence, the dog barks incessantly. Ed finally decided a fence would be our only peace. Besides the fact we don't care to look at her laundry on the line where she chose to put the closeline next to our greenhouse. I'm out there trying to make beautiful things happen and she's muddying things up with a yard full of holes that the stupid dog is digging and hanging laundry. Who hangs laundry anymore???
A privacy fence will go up shortly!


  1. Oh...we all have them :)...the joy of neighborhoods. My dream is to have 15+ acres out in the middle of no where

  2. Now, I'm a true animal lover, but there is the meanest dog on the lot behind me that tries to come thru the chain link fence every time I'm near it. I'd love to be able to put a privacy fence across there. I sympathize with your dog problems. Sorry to hear about the dogwood.