Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Irises - My first love in the garden

I've lived and traveled all over the U.S. and some in Europe and as I traveled first North of Montgomery, Al, (40 years ago) I saw Irises in bloom. I was SMITTEN! I started collecting iris rhizomes and each time we moved, I would dig them all up and and take them to the new home. That was from Birmingham to Chicago, to New Jersey (2 moves) back to Chicago, then to Charlotte, NC and from there back to Mobile. I had some beautiful blooms during those days--entered Iris shows and came home with some ribbons.

I have not had much success with Irises here in Mobile. I believe the soil is too acid. But, it doesn't stop me from trying. I have them planted all over this place. There are bearded ones, native iris, water iris and african iris and probably some others growing here.

My friend owns one of our area's "Treasured Forest" and I shared some of the water irises for his pond. They naturalized and are beautiful.

I spent today applying bonemeal to the irises and other bulb plants.
I also ordered new garden flags from https://www.justforfunflags.com . A large selection of flags and no shipping charge.

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  1. I have planted about 100 irises the past year, and I cannot wait for them to bloom to see what each one is. It is like opening a Christmas present