Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm soooo glad to be home! We made a trip to northeast NC to see Ed's mother for her 87th birthday (1800+ miles rt). I was able to stop by my son's place outside of Charlotte for overnight and it was good to see him and my grandsons. I only have grandsons! Six. Finally, had a g-granddaughter, but I never get to see her---she's in NV.

My son and his "toy":

I surely wanted to ride it, but the last time he took me for a ride, years ago, my foot slipped onto the muffler and burned the bottom of my heel so bad---it took weeks for it to heal (no, I didn't feel a thing because I have no feeling from my bra line down).


  1. Those are cool toys. When my son was about 10, I bought him and I matching Honda Trail bikes. We had several years of fun riding the undeveloped property of Gwinnett Co. When he reached girl crazy age, I finally sold them to a neighbor whose son was about 12 and they did the same.

  2. Rob has had a motor bike since he was about 9-10. They just keep getting bigger. He raced motorcross for years as a teenager. His dad was working for Husqvarna and we always had one.