Thursday, August 27, 2009

How do you know when a friendly stranger will become your best friend? Who will share late night of laughter and help soothe our tears with ice cream and chocolate? What was that special moment when you knew you were best friends for life, when you found a soul mate you could trust with all your secrets?

The answer to these questions is open for debate: Friends come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all special. They are the people who have been with you during the fun times--and they understand why you hate disco music and are afraid of roller coasters. They love you through the adventures, and they help make the grueling times--like pulling all-nighters, moving furniture, painting your house, pulling weeds, and sharing flowers.

Your friends were by your side when you built your first treehouse and went on your first date, they were also there with a ready hug when you didn't land your "dream job." Friends are magical. The magic happens when two or more people become buddies, pals, amigos. It's a gift to treasure forever. Like a beautiful present, the layers of friendship are unwrapped as time goes by and the treasure grows, blooms and becomes more dear.

Share a plant with someone and you will be their friend. They will remember you each time they visit their garden.


  1. What a nice post Marilyn. I would love to visit you and see your gardens sometime.

  2. Becca, I would love for you to come on over. Hope you can come before the season causes the caladiums to dryout.