Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keep Saraland Beautiful Garden Workshop

Ed and I were asked to speak at the KSB Garden Workshop today. It was held in Saraland's Library and the meeting room was filled. Other speakers were:

Rodney Smith, Smith's Hardware, Saraland, AL
Thomas Daugherty, Alabama Extension Service Agent
Marie Waltman, Member & Master Gardener

Topics covered were: Ornamental edibles, sound purchase and care of bedding plants and seeds, how to prepare your garden space for planting, companion planting, challenges of gardening organically and options for organic pesticides and many others.
There were many questions and answers and everyone had a great time.

Thanks go out to Jaunita Chandler, President of KSB, and to Ty Chandler who organized it all.


  1. I wish you had called me. Even though I enjoyed working in the yard, I wuld have loved to go to the meeting.

  2. I am so sorry, Tom! It didn't even dawn on me to invite anyone.

  3. I would have been there, too. Let me know next time!