Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today Ed picked collards. His collards are so beautiful, and tasty! Later, he cooked a huge "industrial size" pot full. From those he will put several bags (ready to eat) into the freezer. We'll have collards to eat all this summer. There are still nice plants producing in the garden. Anyone want a mess?


  1. My neighbor just gave me some. I heard ya'll had a great time at Keep Saraland Beautiful. Hate I missed it. I had actually forgotten all about it until Ramona brought it up

  2. OOohh it sounds so good. Haven't had any fresh since last year. Guess I'll be reminded to pick up some at the store. Is it too late to plant them.

    Thanks for the info on the lettuce and broc. I planted them this weekend at the back door garden. They are on the south side of the yard. Do you think I need to cover them with the cool weather coming. I'll make a post later today - so check it out.