Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Cherry Tree

I had busy visitors in the Cherry tree today. Looking in the Audubon field guide it looks like they are Purple Finch. Very colorful!

They were working like crazy pecking the centers of the flowers and they had to be creative to get to the flower center as it hangs downward.

The first white camellia to bloom. It has just a little streak of red/pink.


  1. Your Cherry Tree is so pretty...I love watching the pretty is the white camellia withjust a tinge of pink..

  2. The white Camellia is beautiful. Our verigated red and whites are in bloom and look great!

  3. Oh, your Camellias are so beautiful!

    I just found your blog through Alabama Blogger and am so happy that I did! What an amazing story you have, Marilyn!