Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy day review

Yesterday the crew, who will be working on the day of the "Garden Tour" next Saturday, had a "mini-tour" of the featured gardens. There was a BUNCH of them! Everyone praised our efforts and exclaimed that it was beautiful. Thanks to all of you! It's so much pleasure to share it!

Well, thank heavens for the rain. This area really needed it. Although our yard gets watered by well water, the land really needed a good soaking-- and it got it!
It's too wet to get out yet, so I thought I would review some of my older pictures and post them for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a Nun's Orchid

Do any of you have interest in African Violets? I have a few. At one time I had several, but reduced my inventory to these:

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  1. I am going to post your photos tomorrow. Thank goodness for the rain. Nothing does the garden better than rain water. I can't wait for Saturday.