Monday, May 18, 2009

At the top

At the top, you see a Japanese Fern-leaf Maple that my daughter brought me from Oregon. Beneath it are "Pumpkin" daylilies and baskets of gold (Golden Globe).
Today was kind of cold and windy, but I went out and took a few pictures. The lighting was off due to the cloudy sky, but here are a few:

Angel Trumpet

Mauve Daylily

"Monte Negro" Hybrid Lily

Some Hydrangeas starting to bloom

Birdnest Fern

Lady Fern

Japanese Painted Fern

St. Francis of Assissi


  1. Your hydrangeas and ferns are wonderful! *sigh* One day will have more shad and we will fill the garden with them! Until, they I shall just have to enjoy yours!:-)--Randy

  2. You have such a nice assortment of things blooming at your place. So many nice ferns. The mauve lily is simply gorgeous. Have a nice day. Becca