Tuesday, April 14, 2009

City Flower Bed

Thursday, April 16, with guidance from me the trustees put in sod on right side facing City Hall. We started at 10:00 a.m. and finished at about 2:00 p.m. with a lunch break. First, they turned the dirt and added a special soil from Shore Acres Plant Farm, then placed the sod on top. With a good regular watering, it should look great. That side had bare roots from the pear tree showing and just dirt.
Last Wednesday I spent the afternoon working with 2 "trustees," from Atmore Prison, working on the flower bed in front of Chickasaw City Hall. We ripped out all of the old stuff and threw it away. It went against my nature to do that, but didn't have anywhere to use it and no one to give it too. We replanted with red and white begonias.
I've been repotting plants using the great potting soil that I got from the plant sale, and planting newbies that I grew from seed.
Ed took a little hoe and ground (grinded?) the edges and ends to make a sort'a horse shoe shape with pointie ends for me to use. I can easily plant, pull, hoe, slip out a weed without damaging the other plants, and use it to prop me up as I bend over from the wheelchair.
Here is another Iris that's blooming here - an African Iris


  1. Hi Marilyn - I am not sure if I have met you (on blog-land) yet but I live in Citronelle and notice you live in Chickasaw. How neat is that. I work with the Dirt Princess. Anyway you have some nice flowers. Till next time - Happy Gardening.

  2. Thanks Becca! Dirt Princess is a smart cookie -- just look at her blog! Everyone loves it. Thanks for viewing my blog.