Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black Gamecock Japanese Iris (30" tall)

Louisiana Iris

Indigo Bunting in the feeder

We have seen a lot of Indigo's at the feeder. They are beautiful!

The Chickasaw Garden Club plant sale is over. We had a great turnout from the community. Thanks! Here is a picture of some of ladies who worked.


  1. What type of seed do you put out for the indigo buntings? I still do not have ANY birds!!!!!!!! UGH!!!! Don't know why. The Indigos are so beautiful

  2. They just get the common bird seed mix.

  3. Do you have any trees and bushes in the yard? Birds come to a feeder in stages. They first light in a tree and check out the area, then they might come a little closer and perch on a bush, then to the feeder.