Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A day for Daylilies

First I had to check out the garden. Here is the thornless blackberry bush. You can see it's loaded with new berries.

The Zucchinni

A tomato with onions

Looking at the raised bed full of new potatoes
We've been enjoying those for quite a while.

A little stroll in the garden to see the daylilies blooming
Here is "Pardon Me"
A really tall one!


  1. Your veggies look so good. You guys will soon be eating fresh zucchini too? I'd love some right about now-which reminds me, hubby is due home soon so I'd better get cooking. Love those sunny daylilies!

    Thanks for the info on 'Ice Sculpture'. I'll log it down. You are very sweet to help me ID it.

  2. Very nice. We ate squash, peas and cabbage from our garden last evening.

  3. Looking good. I've had lettuce, spinach, carrots, blueberries. My garden is doing pretty good this year. I just planted an apple {Winesap semi-dwarf} that brother brought me. Anxious to see how it does. He brought me an Elberta peach also. I found a small peach on it so will wait to plant it {Per Tina}.