Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another stroll in the garden

Thornless Blackberry

Green Beans



Minature rose "Mardi Gras" ??

The first daylily bloom of the season

Japanese Fernleaf Maple

Baskets of Gold
under the Maple


  1. Nice veggie plants. Love the Baskets of Gold!

  2. I'm jealous! You have a daylily already! Marilyn, Jamie bought me the 'Starship Enterprise' Iris you showed me last year and it's blooming this week. It's gorgeous!-- Randy

  3. Oh wow Marilyn - Everything is so beautiful. I love that Japanese Fernleaf Maple. Your veggies are looking so healthy. Mardi Gras Rose has the prettiest flower. I was wondering are the Mardi Gras Rose and the Josephs Coat are sold locally. I would like to plant one of each.

    Thanks for the info about the deer and potential rose garden. One idea someone came up with would be to use the area for a pond and walk through garden. We'll see.

  4. Randy, I'm so glad you have the iris! They are my weakness. Mine are growing well, now, but there haven't been any blooms this year. I don't have much hope for them in this climate.

    Becca, I can't swear that the name on that rose is actually "Mardi Gras." I probably got it at Walmart.