Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A trip to the greenhouse

Peonies that I ordered are up and one has a
bloom formed.

Christmas Cactus

Pitiful! My beautiful Night Blooming Cerus
is badly damaged. I'll leave it alone to see
what it does to come back, then I'll prune.

Ed's tomatoes are up.


  1. Love looking in the greenhouse...about the blooming night cereus..My son gave me one about a month or so ago, it's been frozen outside...will it survive? Iknow nothing about this plant...

  2. Mine doesn't look outstanding either, but keeping it in my little garage out back kept it from "going to see God" I did lose all my black eyed susans and most of the ferns.

  3. I think the ferns will come back slowly.

    Darla, you NBC is gone for good having been outside. As soon as mine recovers, I could share.