Friday, December 4, 2009

We're having a little cold weather here in south Alabama. Not fun! But, at least we're getting a little color here and there.

Here is the Japanese Fern Leaf Maple my daughter sent me several years ago.
Garden bench covered with Blackeyed Susan Vine

More garden items:

Mature collards

Young carrots along the edge

We eat a lettuce & tomato salad every evening for dinner. We do have to buy the tomato at this time of year.

Oranges are ripe


  1. We have grapefruit, kumquats and tangerines ready. I'm jealous of your veggies though!

  2. Your veggies look scrumptous. I must see my sis-in-law about getting some kumquats. She has both trees--sour & sweet.
    Yes, we have lots of citrus. I do like to eat grapefruit, red.

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