Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MORE RAIN!!!!! This town is about to float away! Thankfully, we are on a hill not far from the Chickasabouge Creek and the water quickly percolates from our property.
We are eating collards and sharing with others. Boy, are they good!

The wheelchair repairman came today and installed the new power cable. I am so glad to have it. The loaner cable was to short to be able to use the features and to raise the arm piece on the right side. It was tough to get out of the chair on the right side without raising the arm. The "features" that come with this chair are: It rises up to 10 inches, the footrests elevate, the back reclines, and the entire seating tilts/reclines. It's a wonderful chair--Permobil.

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  1. I'm pretty dang tired of the rain, myself. I usually try not to complain during the holiday season, but this is really pushing it! Congrats
    on the new chair features.