Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall - Pecans

Happy Fall!

Ed went fishing today. When he returned, he told me again about the "thing" in the water that he sees at a certain spot and it always rolls and goes under. He thinks it might be a Manatee or not, it might be a gator. He caught fish but released them since we have a freezer full.

Garden Bench covered in Blackyed Susan vine

Phillipine Petunias

I picked up pecans and spent the afternoon shelling. I got about 2 cups out of them.
My 2 trees aren't very productive.

The Pinecone Gingers are blooming all over the yard.


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  2. Thanks Jeff. I'll take a look at your blog and get back to you.

  3. Great website, Jeff. I have one of those cup holders. Happy to be added to your site

  4. Lots of work. But your garden is lovely.
    My Pine Cone Lilies have gone crazy. They walk, they crawl, they take over. Mine is still walking. I do believe I will get rid of them. They get over my head. It's nice to use the fluid from the cones to wash/rinse your hair. I tried it but doubt I'd use them on a regular basis.
    The natives use to use them many moons ago.