Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's ride

I just had to get out and ride the neighborhood today (in my wheelchair).

I found the Garden Club's YOM down on 109 Ridgewood Dr. It's beautiful. They are having to water to keep it looking good.
I'm so fortunate that Ed put in a well and has plumbed the entire yard to auto water.
My mums aren't open yet-- but, soon.

These are some random pictures of flowers blooming along the way.


  1. Hi there Marilyn. Looks like it was a lovely ride. Did you get any of those sprinkles. I didn' get a drop. I've been watering my stuff but not really often enough. Just been trying to keep it alive. I keep saying to myself - Self you got to get out and visit Marilyn. I will get by there soon. Going out of town this weekend. Have a blessed day sweetie.

  2. It's so nice to get out. I too like to ride & look. Slow go & able to stop & really look if you wish.
    Love that last pic.