Saturday, September 11, 2010

Keep Saraland Beautiful Workshop

Ty Chandler introduces speakers


One of the organizers

James Miles

Today was another meeting of the KSB. I believe this makes two, about a year apart(?)

Ed and I were asked to speak-- me on flower garden, he on veggie garden. Jim Miles from Auburn Extension Agency was also a speaker. He was really informative. Enjoyed his talk.


  1. Hi Marilyn, I'm sorry for being so long to comment but had knee surgery.
    Who is this Ty Chandler? I'm related to the Chandlers & would like to see if he is in the bunch. lol

  2. Lola, all I can tell you is that he is a member of the Saraland Garden Club. I'll try to get a number for him.

  3. Lola, He is Tyron Chandler and his teleph # is 675-5403