Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Limelight" Hydrangea

I've lost the name of this beautiful plant.
Found name: Achimenes

This is a swamp hybiscus:

Today was our Chickasaw Garden Club meeting and the speaker was from Cleveland Florist, who spoke about orchids. He brought all colors of phaleonopsis and dendrobiums.

Back at home:

Ed's gardens -butterbeans, butternut squash, corn, lettuce....

Bell Peppers

"the barn" and garden

Water Hycinth in the gold fish pond


  1. I wish I could grow orchids. I got one from Lowe's two years ago and kept it a long time after it bloomed but it finally gave up the ghost. I am a transplanted Arkansan and love to hear at gardens in Alabama.

  2. Can anyone translate the 3 "japanese/chinese" comments?