Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take a stroll through my garden
Looking down the street at the azaleas blooming

The wind has been tough this Spring

Bridal Wreath

Pink "million bells"

White azalea

A dwarf Japanese Maple sent to me by my daughter from Oregon
The most widely planted Formosa Azalea in Mobile

A native dwarf iris I brought from the woods of North Carolina

"Rosebud" azalea


  1. Your spring garden is looking grand! Love those azaleas.

  2. Your irises are gorgeous! I still want to get my mom one of that maples!

  3. It is such a pleasure to see what you do with natures gifts.

  4. All of your color is fabulous! Sure looks like spring in your garden. We're supposed to get some snow this weekend. Jean

  5. Beautiful Marilyn. I believe the Formosa Azalea is one of the ones I have. Such a pretty Japanese Maple.