Friday, November 27, 2009

Moving right along

We're moving into the Christmas holiday season and it always makes me feel sad. I'm so far from my children and grandchildren, it's rare that I get to see them over the holidays.

All the grand's are boys and I have 1 great-granddaughter (this pic when she was 1 yr). I would certainly love to be near the great-granddaughter so that I could spoil her a little, but she is in Elko, Nevada. Brrrrr! Ughhhh!

We were planning to go to the Rock & Gem Show this weekend but, as luck would have it, my coat button caught on the cord that runs along under my chair arm from the joystick to the battery. It caused the plug end to dislodge from the joystick. When I tried to reinsert the plug, it didn't align correctly and caused one of the little (and I mean "little") pins to bend. Of course, when Ed tried to straigten it--it broke off. Now my chair is dead until the repair part can be ordered. I hope I'll have it before Christmas!! I'm rolling in a manual wheelchair now.

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