Sunday, July 19, 2009

Aechmea fasciata bromeliad

I have another "Urn plant" blooming and two more on the way. Here are some pictures of it.
Their diversity of form, long-lasting flowering period and adaptability to cultivation make aechmeas possibly the most widely known and cultivated of all the bromeliad family. They make an excellent indoor potplant or adapts easily to mounting either on driftwood, old stumps, or living trees. A general growing temperature range is about 7 deg C to 30 deg C. They need protection from cold winter rain with fibreglass or sheet plastic. Summers in South Alabama provide a great outdoor growing opportunity under a big tree for protection from direct sun. A well-draining potting mixture is required and just enough moisture to prevent dehydration during cold periods. Do not plant too deeply and keep the mixture just damp. Remember to keep the "cups" of the plant filled with water. After they bloom, they will not bloom again. However, they should send up a "pup" along side the old plant. When that pup is 3/4 the size of the old plant, cut the old plant away and discard it. Now you have the next bloom potential plant!

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  1. That dragonfly is the same one that was on my Hibiscus. He sure does get around. . . . .