Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Cold Weather

The temperatures are down again. During the day the sun is nice, but the wind is fierce. Can't enjoy getting out. I hurried out to the greenhouse to check on everything and the poinsettias are just beautiful...3 feet tall and vibrant red. What a shame no one is getting to enjoy them. I would put them out front, but the wind would tear them apart.

Ed has been staying inside doing fixit stuff and painting. It's good to get that done. We'll replace carpet in the computer room next. He went squirrel hunting yesterday and shot a few to put in the freezer. His grandson loves squirrel and gravy (isn't that so "Southern").

Monday night the North Mobile Garden Club held a meeting to discuss the upcoming Garden Tour. Our yard will be on tour May 9, 2009. It was suggested that we have our Garden Journal on display at that time. Well, all that I had was a steno pad with notes---so I spent two days creating a GJ with pictures. I was rather pleased when I got it together! But, looking at the yard, Oh My Gosh--there is a lot of cold damage. AND, Ed got the spontaneous notion to move the azaleas from front of the house to the property line and that leaves nothing but starter boxwoods in the front. Not exactly the image we need for the tour.

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  1. Love your Blog. We all need to be feeding our feathered friends during this cold snap. Keep up the good work. Tom & Deb